TFA transforms Knigthsbridge bedsits into 21st century palace


As featured on Channel 4 ‘Millionaires’ Mansions’ which aired in April 2016, this formerly decrepit 6 storey town house split into flats and bedsits has been magnificently restored by London’s premier architectural and interior practice, TFA  into what is arguably the most magnificent single family home in Knightsbridge.

Design Director, James Howard, and Designer, Brian Wade, were determined to employ the best of British craftsmen and UK-sourced materials wherever possible.


Despite the layout of the building presenting a challenge, wide at the front but very narrow to the rear, two extra basements were built, increasing floor space to provide a gymnasium, sauna and couture dressing room. The  awkward narrow back part of the building now houses a spectacular circular glass-encased lift surrounded by a 169 step staircase in polished Anglesey stone by Britannicus Stone of Chelsea. This lift is the tallest self-supporting glass structure in the UK. It is not only a masterpiece of engineering, but, with the subtle sheen of its brass and bronze fittings and the brilliance of the glass, is a thing of beauty in itself.

The exquisite design includes Weldon floors throughout the house and stones used include Swaledale, Angelsey, Eskett and Salterwath. In the dining room, the floor is a striking combination of Swaledale with an Anglesey border by Britannicus Stone. Many of the floors also feature stone combined with beautiful woods for example, the kitchen floor, which has an oblong of Swaledale stone surrounded by a frame of American black walnut, a pattern echoed in the entrance to the adjoining pantry.

The bathrooms are also a perfect showcase for the beauty of British stone: Ball Eye Blue, one of the rarest of Britannicus Stones, is used in the master bathroom to dazzling effect. It is a conglomerate of Limestone & Fluorite and the vein in the marble varies in colour from Amethyst on the outer edge of the deposit to Royal Blue towards the middle. The stones have been carved and installed with fine attention to detail by Stone Interiors, and Paul Spencer hand carved the stunning cloakroom and gymnasium hand basins. The bathrooms alone elevate the house to world class standard.

Knightsbridge has long been the location of luxurious homes with its two main roads showcasing the world’s finest retail brands and the park abutting its northern reaches. Take the sparkling lift to the roof terrace of this spectacular townhouse and, with a gorgeous living wall of verdant leaves whispering at your back, you can gaze out over the glory Knightsbridge. But this house is the pinnacle of Knightsbridge’s magnificence. It really tops them all.

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