TFA visits London’s Park Theatre


TFA visited Park Theatre, a brain child of Artistic Director, Jez Bind and Creative Director, Melli Bond. Jez gave us a tour of the building and passionately shared a story about the theatre from its inception. Similarly to TFA’s Performing Arts Centre project, the extensive research of sustainable theatres preceded the design. The vision for the theatre was also to leave the legacy and engage a wider community.

This vibrant building comprises of two theatre spaces: Park 200, a thrust auditorium seating 200 people on stalls and circle levels; and Park 90, a completely flexible auditorium seating between 90 and 100 in a range of configuration.  It also has a late licensed cafe and a bar set over two floors, joined by a large glass atrium. The atmosphere in the theatre is welcoming, nurturing, lively and accessible to everyone, within the community and beyond.

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